Saturday, October 3, 2009

1.lets eat in the staff kitchen.......... oh what a novel idea
-so the first one is from tonight before dinner. we were getting hunger, but we had to wait until the group was do eating before we could eat. so Claire came up with what she thought was
a novel idea that would let us eat early. :)
2. oh i epic fail at bowling
3. i only have two more pins
-so tonight me Claire and Kellie went bowling, and as you can see from the pictures Claire doesn't have the best bowling skills. :) well anyway she lets just say.......... well she got lots and lots of gutter balls. and she decided that she is an epic failure at it.
and then later she hit 8 pins and got really excited and starting dancing saying i only have two more pins. i only have two pins. or course she missed them both. :)
4. Kellie- there is a deer!
Claire- oh that's so rare!
-so on the way home from bowling we saw a deer in the bushes on the side of the road. i mean we live at camp and we see deer all the time, so its not really a big deal to us. but Kellie slowed down and was like oh my gosh there is a deer. and that was Claire's response.

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