Tuesday, December 15, 2009

so the other day me and my sister made chocolate milk, and were watching TV. and she starts blowing bubbles, and they were getting really high, and then they popped. Claire goes oh my gosh! and i asked her what she was freaking out about. she was like there is chocolate on my shirt. and i was like well what do you think, you blew a chocolate milk bubble and it popped on your shirt. she goes yeah, i know but i didn't know there was chocolate in the bubble.
WHAT???? she is ridiculous!! i then asked her, well Claire you don't think that the chocolate comes out of the bubble do you, you know its not just a milk bubble? and she was like yeah i know its not a milk bubble. so i was like then where do you think the chocolate goes and she was like i don't know....

Friday, November 13, 2009

OK so i know it has been a long time, but things get really busy and i forget some of the things Claire says and does. :(
but no worries, she is still full of things and I'm going to try and work on keeping this up dated

so tonight in the car, we weren't really talking at the time, just listening to the new Relient K CD, which is amazing by the way, and Claire just out of the blue goes ummm... like... hmm... and then makes a deep sigh, and then she didn't say anything and i started to laugh at her. it was so funny!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

1.lets eat in the staff kitchen.......... oh what a novel idea
-so the first one is from tonight before dinner. we were getting hunger, but we had to wait until the group was do eating before we could eat. so Claire came up with what she thought was
a novel idea that would let us eat early. :)
2. oh i epic fail at bowling
3. i only have two more pins
-so tonight me Claire and Kellie went bowling, and as you can see from the pictures Claire doesn't have the best bowling skills. :) well anyway she lets just say.......... well she got lots and lots of gutter balls. and she decided that she is an epic failure at it.
and then later she hit 8 pins and got really excited and starting dancing saying i only have two more pins. i only have two pins. or course she missed them both. :)
4. Kellie- there is a deer!
Claire- oh that's so rare!
-so on the way home from bowling we saw a deer in the bushes on the side of the road. i mean we live at camp and we see deer all the time, so its not really a big deal to us. but Kellie slowed down and was like oh my gosh there is a deer. and that was Claire's response.

Friday, October 2, 2009

so yesterday night i was painting my sisters nails and i put some on her face. it wasn't a big deal, but if you know my sister then you know she freaked out. and well i was using fast drying nail polish so lets just say it was not coming off so good. so then i told her it would come right off with nail polish remover. and she yelled at me and said "no way are you crazy!" so it wasn't coming off and i put some nail polish remover on a paper towel, and rubbed it on her face. when she asked me what i had just rubbed on her face i told her that it was nail polish remover, and that's where number 2 comes from.......
2. " TTTTAAAYYYLLLOOORRR I'm going to get TERRIBLE acne"
number 3 is from tonight. me, Claire, and Kellie (my cousin) were siting in my my room when i felt like having an otter pop. so i asked them if they wanted one, and they did. so we had to walk to the kitchen. no i don't mean the kitchen in my house (at the moment i don't really have a kitchen, its being redone) i mean the camp kitchen. and it was getting cold out side so we went to put our jackets on. and Claire grabbed her vest. yes she meant to grab her vest with no sleeves might i add. now this is not the first time she has done that. i don't get why but she thinks it will keep her warm. and every time i say something she responds with number 3 like shes some very smart person who knows everything.
3. "it keeps me very warm........ its insulated"
- i don't think she really knows what that means. :)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

so tonight i decided that my sister (Claire) says a lot of crazy things that just make me laugh, and i wanted to share them. she didn't think i was really going to do this but i decided to make a blog all about her and the crazy things that she says

1. "oh Taylor books don't have lice."
- my sister thinks that she is going to get lice form trying things on at the goodwill. she doesn't really like thrift stores. (something is wrong with her) my mom told her they had books and she got really excited. so as a joke i said "Claire, you might get lice." and then she said that. but she said it like she was legitimately concerned.